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A Success Story

In 2002, Climate Change Central (C3) and the Alberta Research Council (ARC) inspired Albertans to begin recognising the potential economic and environmental opportunities offered by micro-power and decentralised energy (DE). Both organizations embarked on activities to assist individual companies in this field, and to expand Alberta’s collective knowledge base. Shortly thereafter, the national context of our energy futures was acknowledged and a broader approach was adopted to promote transfer of knowledge in Alberta. Hence, the formation of a national, membership-based, industry association called the New Energy Resources Alliance (NewERA).

Between 2003 and 2006, NewERA assisted Canada’s energy industry by researching and developing new opportunities in our rapidly changing electricity market. At the end of 2006, NewERA had 70 Members and 6 Sponsors. 18 conferences and workshops had been successfully hosted including our premier Ontario conference in Toronto in 2006.

NewERA built a knowledge bank for the Canadian energy industry that has already proven valuable in benchmarking and market forecasting. An economic analysis of DE for the City of Calgary presented strategies that could save the City of Calgary up to $2.4 billion (40%) in capital investment and concluded that delivered electricity costs could be 12% lower with DE when compared with traditional centralised energy generation. For the Province of Ontario, economic analysis showed that proportions of DE capacity could save the Province of Ontario $4.8 billion (4%) in capital costs and reduce delivered electricity costs by $0.13 cents/kWh.

In spring of 2007, the World Alliance for Decentralised Energy (WADE) and NewERA solidified a business proposal which has resulted in the formation of WADE Canada. The two associations have worked in parallel and have found great advantages to combining their national and international efforts and experiences in DE.

Like NewERA, WADE Canada supports all DE industry segments of Canada’s domestic and export markets. Thanks to continued support from the Alberta Research Council, Vancouver General Contractors WADE Canada’s office remains in Calgary, AB. We have official representation in Alberta and Quebec which is supported by a broader network of stakeholders across Canada.

WADE Canada’s planned activities for 2007/2008 include:
  • net metering update with additional information on interconnection issues,
  • additional economic analysis for geographically defined energy supply mixes,
  • promoting growth of SMEs and new start-ups in Western Canada’s emerging clean energy industry,
  • identifying opportunities for warm water geothermal energy in the western Canada sedimentary basin, and
  • annual WADE Canada conference.

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